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Who is a customs broker in Ukraine and what are his duties? What is customs and what are they?

Brok-Trade Ltd,LLC provides customs services both in Mykolayiv and throughout Ukraine on the basis of its representative offices in many cities of the country, and as a customs broker we help our clients to carry out unimpeded movement of goods and commercial vehicles through checkpoints, as well as we believe that by reading this article you can learn more about who is a "customs broker in Ukraine" and what its functions are.
According to the customs legislation of Ukraine, the "Customs broker" is an intermediary enterprise whose operation is to instruct the Customer to represent the Client's interests in customs authorities, as well as to perform customs clearance of goods and commercial vehicles on its own behalf, but at the expense of the Client. The relationship between the Client and the customs broker is built on the basis of a contract for customs brokerage services or services (SHW).
Many subjects of management do not know about the duties of customs brokers, and according to the Customs Code of Ukraine, the duties of a customs broker include the following functions, which are generally prescribed in the contract for customs brokerage services:
-to declare goods and commercial vehicles;
- on the requirement of customs authorities to show goods and vehicles for customs control and clearance;
-to submit documents and statements necessary for the execution of customs formalities;
-pay for customs payments in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.
All these documents are usually submitted by customs brokers in electronic form with the size of each file not more than 500kb.
However, the duties of a customs broker in Ukraine do not include the functions of issuing permits, which are stipulated in the duties of the freight forwarder under the law of Ukraine "On transport and forwarding activities."
The work of a customs broker is continuous interaction with state customs officials.
As a rule, customs brokers in difficult situations do everything possible (and sometimes, and impossible) for the goods to be issued on time, sometimes as a rule also present on inspections at different times of the day.
At customs clearance, the goods pass a lot of controls: inspection at customs terminals at the request of the customs authority, payment of customs fees and so on. Due to the fact that the state customs authorities are "hard" to protect the economic interests of the state, customs clearance is often delayed instead of the assigned one day for weeks. Will not every customer like this? In such situations, there are time-consuming delivery times, idle vehicles, unloading of goods to customs warehouses and other situations that entail the financial costs of the Client, not saying that sometimes a professional broker can not take into account unforeseen situations, for example as a risk system, e.
However, recently there has been a contemptuous view of customers that customs brokers are not an institution, they are only an intermediary, as a result many Ukrainian companies choose to deal with customs clearance independently, hoping for personal experience, ingenuity and, of course, good luck.
But it is worth remembering that it is cheaper and more reliable to use professional specialists who have been working in this field for a long time and know the specifics of product design, than to learn their own workers. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the Ukrainian legislation in the field of foreign economic activity, which is extremely complex, contradictory and twisted, and the constant additions and changes in legislation that need to be constantly monitored by customs brokers also complicate the work.
A professional broker is able to prove to the customs inspector his point of view, proposed by him or his client - and often a customs broker can be called - "Customs lawyer" and his position is the most correct in a particular situation.
However, it must also be remembered that the mistrust of the customs broker and the failure to provide full information by the Customer can also be brought to the delay in customs clearance, and any "Trifle" can become "Big help" or "Big problem" that can emerge during customs clearance.
In order to cooperate with a customs broker, effectively try to stick to simple advice:
- Find a customs broker in advance and thoroughly approach his choice;
- Calculate all your expenses.
There are cases when the initial cost of goods imported or exported at a very low price, to such an extent increases due to customs payments and the need for obtaining permits, that the subsequent trade promotion has no economic sense.

There are some situations with goods in the whole epic, when you need mountains of paper to confirm the characteristics of the goods, etc. In such cases, the customs broker is talking to the Client so closely that it becomes for him a real "Customs lawyer-doctor" thoroughly studying all the "sick spots of the goods and the Client" and is able to provide professional assistance in a timely manner.

The professionalism and competence of the customs broker is a guarantee of success and success of the Client.

Undoubtedly, it is difficult for the Client to keep track of all the permanent changes in the regulatory documents regulating customs clearance and in this connection, during the experiments of independent customs clearance, a number of difficulties and problems arise and valuable time is lost that can be avoided by applying to customs broker-professionals in Ukraine


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