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Customs services


        Customs clearance - a procedure that regulates the movement across the customs border of your goods and vehicles. After the completion of the clearance procedure, goods may be exempted from customs control.

Customs clearance is:

- presentation of the customs declaration;

- submission to the customs authorities of permits and accompanying documents;

- provision of cargo to customs authorities, if necessary;

- payment of customs duties.



            Foreign exchange control of foreign economic activity subjects is carried out according to the legislation and the customs code. According to the legislation in the sphere of currency control, the revenue of residents is subject to return or transfer abroad in the prescribed time limits by the legislation of the country . If these terms are violated, sanctions will be applied to the parties starting from the accrual of penalties ending with a ban on conducting foreign economic activity. When foreign currency enters the territory of our country, there is a compulsory sale.

For the preliminary calculation of the foreign economic transaction:

- Required technical characteristics of the goods (purpose, material of what the product is made, chemical characteristics of the goods, composition, properties, parameters, product dimensions, etc.);

- Information is needed about the value of the goods;

- Information is needed on the cost of transportation costs to the border, depending on the terms of delivery of the goods according to Incoterms;

- What documents will the Seller provide for the goods (certificates, conclusions, etc.);

- What documents are necessary for the Buyer for customs clearance;


The basic necessary documents at customs registration of cargoes:

• Accreditation card of the subject of foreign trade activities;

• Foreign economic agreement (contract), annexes to it;

• Certificate of declaration of currency values, income and property (if necessary);

• Goods-accompanying documents (CMR, TIR, railway bill of lading, etc.);

• Commercial documents (invoice, packing list, etc.);

• Non-tariff regulation (certificates, licenses, permits, etc.);

• On tariff regulation (payment of customs duties, duties, etc.)

     We will help to conduct effective and prompt advice on customs law in Ukraine and other countries, and we will carry out customs clearance in the shortest time. We guarantee an individual approach and flexible pricing policy for each client.




* For regular customers, consultation is free of charge.


Customs services



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