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Railway transportation
     The railway at the current stage of development has an extensive fleet of cars, with the assistance of which it is possible to transport vast distances from a wide variety of cargoes - from bulk goods to heavy transport equipment. The progress of foreign economic activity has led to the fact that railway communication between states is considered one of the most important economic components in world trade.

    Freight rail transportation is performed by various types of rolling stock. Depending on the nature of the goods, methods of loading and unloading, as well as ensuring the safety of goods, there are a large number of types of wagons. This is mainly due to the fact that each type of car is equipped with additional, inherent and necessary only to it purposes, such as: cooling or heating, increased area, hatches and others.

    Railway transportation of oversized and heavy cargo is sometimes the only way to transport cargo, for example, a unique or large-sized cargo. This type of transportation is allocated the lowest cost per kilometer of transportation - this is the advantage over road transport and air travel.
      Also of the most popular types of transportation of goods abroad is the transportation of containers by rail. The main factor affecting the growth in demand for rail transportation is the cost of transportation of the container rail. In contrast to road transport, delivering large and heavy containers with goods in a rolling stock is much simpler, calmer and faster. Also container transportations by rail transport for the last moment occupy a large niche for the delivery of bulky and heavy cargo throughout the country and beyond.

     The employees of our company have many years of experience in organizing the transportation of agro-industrial cargo, both to ports, and to direct export and import cargo of various cargoes.

     The existing representative offices in most regions of the country and direct agreements with the railways make it possible to form an optimal and flexible pricing policy for freight forwarding services.

The main specialization of our company is based on:

- Railway transportation of goods of standard and non-standard goods in international traffic;

- Transportation of goods in railway containers;

- Transportation of goods in railway tanks;

- Transportation of goods to sea ports by railway cars;



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Railway transportation


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