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Air freight

        Freight international air transport is the fastest way to transport any cargo to other continents or to transport goods from different countries. However, this service at a price higher than the cost of similar services by other modes of transport. In the event that the spent financial resources are adequate for speed and quality, then the international cargo air transportation of goods is the most convenient way for you to transport goods.

     Today, air delivery is the most effective and growing direction of international cargo transportation. Indisputable superiority - efficiency and reliability.

     Usually it is used by those who highly estimate their own time, since by carrying out air transportation of the goods you can reduce the period of transportation of the goods in 3 - 4 times. Taking this into account, you can allow yourself to transport even quickly perishable goods, VIP goods and premium goods: samples of goods, products / seafood, vegetables and fruits, as well as flowers, plants and much more.

     Not little attention is paid to the safety of cargoes, such as explosive, poisonous chemicals, fire-hazardous and many others, when carrying out international air transportation.

    When carrying out air transportation, the mass of which is above 200 kg.,o r the dimensions of one place exceed the permissible norms, belong to the group of heavyweight, which, in most cases, affects the price of air delivery.

    The maximum permissible weight of one seat for transportation on air transport without excess permits is 200 kg.

    The total mass and volume of all cargo packages of 1 (one) lot is limited solely to the dimensions of the luggage compartments of air transport.

    The dimensions of the transport hatches, as well as the cargo compartments, are different on all types of aircraft, therefore, in case you have any questions that have arisen in excess of the norms for the weight or the dimensions of the cargo, you will better contact the employees of our company for consultation.

    Multimodal transportation (combined) is the delivery of goods under one contract, but carried out by at least 2 (two) types of transport, even if the transportation is carried out by different modes of transport (for example, by air transport and road transport).

Our company provides services of operative transport logistics, handling and freight forwarding in airports at international air transportation of goods.
The highest experience of our employees allows us to manage the air transportation of all types of cargo, covering dangerous categories of goods.

The main specialization of our company in air transportation:

- transportation of standard and non-standard goods;

- air freight of dangerous goods;

- cargo transportation by air transport (with / from delivery to the airport by motor transport);

-Exporting and terminal processing at airports;



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Air Freight



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