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Transportation of goods

      The organization of cargo transportation in international traffic (freight forwarding services) is one of the complex components of processes in foreign economic activity, including loading and unloading, transshipment, transportation of cargo, storage, processing of transport documents and so on.

    Some operations are carried out before the consignor prepares the goods for shipment. Before delivering goods for transportation, the consignor must pack goods of appropriate quality in the usual transport packaging, and also, if necessary, prepare passes for the passage of the vehicle to the place of loading. The consignor must also prepare documents for cargo in accordance with customs, sanitary, veterinary and other administrative rules of the territory of which the cargo will be transported.

       The transport marking and, if necessary, special signs and inscriptions that notify the contractors of the services with the goods about the methods of handling them ("Do not turn over", "Beware", etc.) are deliberately affixed to packaged units and individual cargoes. In the transport marking, if necessary, the name of the consignor and the consignee, the points of departure and delivery, the number of packages, the mass of the gross cargo, the mass of the cargo net, etc., are usually indicated. The obligation for the accuracy of the preparation of goods for carriage is borne by the Seller. If the goods are packed in violation of the conditions of the standards, the carrier has the right not to take the goods for transportation.

     Dangerous goods are substances, materials, goods, waste products of production and other activities that in the course of transportation can cause damage to the environment, cause fire or damage to vehicles, as well as poisoning, burns or diseases of people, animals, birds, etc. When transporting dangerous goods, a hazard class is assigned and methods for preventing the above circumstances are developed.

     It is very important to own transport legislation when transporting goods by various modes of transport in international traffic, which is regulated by rules, regulations and conventions.Our company offering international cargo transportation services and having experience in transporting different types of transport provides not only a good construction of a complete chain of cargo transportation, but also the regulation of the actions of all contractors of the process, be it public or private companies.

    The developed logistic schemes for the movement of goods, worked out routes, strong business relations with companies, providing services for the delivery of goods, storage, handling and handling of goods, constantly established relationships with regulatory authorities in the transport sector-all this allows us to carry out efficient cargo transportation in international traffic However, the most significant component of it is the construction of an optimal logistics scheme, in order to carry out timely delivery and reduce costs for it.

       Our company, in the shortest possible time, arranges transportation by car, air, sea, rail transport to countries (from countries) on all continents.

      We will provide impeccable service and speed of delivery of your cargo to the final recipient.



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