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Accounting services

   We carry out professional tax and accounting management on all taxation systems with the submission of accounts.

In the event that the direction of your business does not imply a duty of permanent presence in the workplace of a professional in accounting, then our service is an appropriate alternative to the content of the chief accountant.

The setting of accounting is the development of a special methodology for the implementation of accounting in accordance with the features of the enterprise and the laws of the state. It must precede the beginning of maintenance and maintenance of accounting. When setting up accounting, you need to determine the taxation system, approve the chart of accounts and develop accounting procedures at each workplace, such as the chief accountant, cashier, bank, warehouse, wages, etc. A competent accounting in the organization helps to ensure fast and efficient work, and also provides objective information about the economic and financial condition.

 We offer:

- Compilation and submission of financial statements in electronic form;

- Maintenance and management of accounting and tax accounting;

- Organization and organization of accounting;

- Restoration and correction of accounting;

- Maintenance of accounting and support of foreign trade transactions;

- Installation of programs for accounting electronic reporting;

- Registration of digital signatures and obtaining of public key certificates;

- Conducting business in other cities online with a digital signature;

- Registration in state bodies.

Entrust the case for accounting support and maintenance, accounting for professionals.



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Accounting services


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