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About us

     Our company is located near the Black Sea, in the south of Ukraine, in the city of Nikolaev.

The main advantage of our city is the geographical location, thanks to which we can tranship cargo from Europe and Asia, as well as from other continents.

The main office is located in Nikolaev, besides there are branches in many cities of the country where We provide a full range of services in customs clearance and freight forwarding.

The location of our company facilitates and enables quick response to the emerged situations at any border crossing point, both in the city of Nikolaev and in other cities of the country.

 Our company was established in 1995.

§         Since 1995, the activities on customs clearance of goods have been opened, and also we began to distribute and maintain software in the field of foreign economic activity.
§         Since 1998, the activity on freight forwarding services has been opened.
§         Since 2008, the foreign trade exchange of goods has been established.
§         Since 2009, the activity on issuing permits has been opened.
§         Since 2010 we have been developing software products.
§         Since 2012, we have been translating documents from foreign languages.
§         Since 2013, the representative offices in many cities of Ukraine were established.
§         Since 2014 we provide legal services (registration of enterprises).
§         Since 2015, we provide accounting services with an additional focus on foreign economic activity.

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