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Question: How correctly to calculate customs payments for the import of goods?
Answer: All customs payments are collected from the customs value. The customs value of the goods is determined according to the terms of the delivery according to Incoterms, namely: the price of the invoice + delivery to the border or according to Section III of the Customs Code.

Question: What documents are required for accreditation of the subject of entrepreneurial activity in customs?
Answer: The statutory documents of the enterprise (entrepreneur), the passport of the director, the passport of the accountant (if necessary), the passports of authorized persons to work with the customs (if necessary) -if they are appointed according to the order of the director, identification codes, phone numbers.
It is also advisable to open currency accounts with an authorized bank before passing the accreditation, as these currency accounts will be immediately drawn into your accreditation at the customs.

Question: What documents are needed for preferential import of goods from Canada to Ukraine?
Answer: Goods originating in Canada, when imported to Ukraine, take advantage of the preferential tariff regime under the Agreement on the basis of a declaration of the origin of the goods.
The declaration of origin is noted in the invoice or other commercial document that contains a description of the goods originating from the corresponding Country, with sufficient for its identification and detailing.
Each declaration of the origin of the goods must be formalized and signed by the exporter.
The declaration of origin of the goods is valid for 12 months from the date of its filling by the exporter.

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